Brighter Than This – Edward W. Sealey ft. Felton Pilate (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Seeing Felton Pilate’s name associated with anything is always a badge of quality, a seal of approval and this time out he is on board with Edward W. Sealey for this smooth yet groovesome, R&B meets slick, contemporary jazz instrumental. And Brighter Than This is a well chosen name, warmth and sunshine vibes ooze out of the track as it plays and the world seems a better place for having this as its soundtrack.

The dexterity of the players is unsurpassed and the instruments blur and blend in the most tasteful and subtle of ways, never trying to steal the limelight but instead supporting each other, creating a unified soundscape and serving the song.

And of course that is the art of it. It is only an inexperienced player who tries to steal the show, good players would rather work as a team, and this is the sound of good…no, make that great… players creating something which is both built from the coolest sonic grooves and the warmest musical moves. It’s called teamwork.

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