The Lost Trades EP – The Lost Trades (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

If you find yourself looking for a great example of gestalt, then look no further than the band that is The Lost Trades. I've seen these guys perform individually before but what has happened by this coming together is truly transformational. They have a natural ability to gather together a tight vocal harmony that would... Continue Reading →

Phil Cooper free song give away

Being the awfully nice chap that he is, Phil Cooper is giving a song away, free, gratis, for nothing. Given the theme of the song he feels that it seems wrong to ask people to pay for the song, so he's giving it away.Here.... Download Without You This Is Nothing Now Also, if you doodled... Continue Reading →

Phil Cooper Christmas Freebies

Phil Cooper has a  tradition of put together a nice little give away package at this time of year and this year is no exception. This year he's put together a little 6 track collection for you, which includes a previously unheard version of Home By Christmas, a track from Half Live and 4 songs from my... Continue Reading →

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