Walk in the Park –  Inca Babies (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Well, of course Walk in the Park is a cool and delicious sonic beast. How could it not be? After all, it has Harry Stafford steering its swaggering, scratchy and strutting sonic ship, a man adept at churning out Waitsian gutter balladry and Cave inspired apocalyptic blues like there is, as Cave himself would have... Continue Reading →

PTSD – Jenn Vix (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Unlocked neatly demonstrated just how unique and nonconforming Jenn Vix is, PTSD shows that she has lost none of that strange attraction since that release, if anything, she might have even travelled even further down the rabbit hole. PTSD is a beguiling mix of electronic-pop and dark 60's psychedelic vibes, R&B exploring far ahead... Continue Reading →

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