Field Kit – Field Kit (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

A moody mix of orchestral compositions and contrasting man made and found sounds. TV and film soundtracks are hinted at throughout. You can make up your own plots, visualise your own cinematography and write your own scripts but all of your stories will be heavily laden with an over-arching darkness. The recording is clearly a... Continue Reading →

7 DEADLY SINS – Mind7et (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The term concept album seems more associated with unwieldy and outdated progressive rock than fast-flowing, up-to-the-minute hip-hop but this is a concept album nonetheless. 7 DEADLY SINS takes…well, I guess I don't have to spell it out to you…let's just say, seven tracks, seven sins, seven extremely cool songs. PRIDE kicks us off, a hip-hop-driven... Continue Reading →

Let Go – Gaviana (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Mixing a slow and sultry vibe with an effervescent and energetic rhythm, Let Go is the perfect blend of grace and groove. On the one hand, the beats are full of life, bustling along vivaciously, helped by encouraging harmonies and sweeping strings washes. On the other, the main vocal is perfectly poised, sensual and seductive.... Continue Reading →

Divorce – Gye (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Most artists create a stage persona for themselves, an identity apart from their real-life world, a character to escape into that adds mystery to their musical avatar. But few create whole alternative timelines and build new worlds for that character to inhabit. But that is the lengths to which Gye is prepared to go. Divorce... Continue Reading →

XTC’s Colin Moulding presents ‘The Hardest Battle’ video, CD out now via Burning Shed

Music legend and XTC co-frontman Colin Moulding is back with new music, this time as a solo artist, presenting his new single 'The Hardest Battle', released as a CD single in 4-panel digisleeve via Burning Shed. Containing two songs - 'The Hardest Battle', 'Say It (original version)', and an exploratory demo of the title track, The Hardest Battle represents XTC founding member Colin Moulding's first-ever fully... Continue Reading →

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