Sacred Places – Dope Sagittarius (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even though Define Love signalled that the album to follow from New York's Dope Sagittarius was going to be a wonderfully eclectic affair, few could have predicted such a sweet and sophisticated set of songs. But then again with a playwright father and folk singer mother and as a teen punk-funkster who spent his formative... Continue Reading →

Ayla – Bilbosa (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is an interesting insight into how the internal machinations of music-making, at least the music of Bilbosa, works to be found on this gorgeous and graceful EP. The opening and closing songs are the two versions of recent single Neon, the former featuring vocals from Lori Sky, the latter the original, instrumental version. Starting... Continue Reading →

Light Me Up – Ratinoff (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hitting the sweet spot between rock's rabble-rousing aggression and alt-pop accessibility and addiction, Light Me Up is instantly contagious. Even the most hard-hearted cynic or entrenched musical tribal follower would be hard pushed not to fall for its raucous charms immediately. Some songs achieve anthemic status through clever media and marketing, though record company drive... Continue Reading →

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