Zombies/ The Dreampop Days – Seasurfer (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sitting in the lush sonic space between the ethereality of dream pop and the more intense sonic swathes of psychedelia, Seasurfer makes a sound that walks a fine line between space and intensity, light and claustrophobia. They also dance between the musical world's of post-punk past and dark electronic futurism, dream-state vocals and solid beat... Continue Reading →

Splash – Acid (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pushing the boundaries of hip-hop and alternative pop together until they mix and merge in the same sonic space, Minnesota-based musician, Acid, has created a perfect example of the post-genre urban sound. Splash runs on a bubbling, buoyant groove and skittering percussion, and plays with futuristic electronica to create the engaging soundscape that sits between... Continue Reading →

Barren King – Manntra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Ahead of a full-album next month, tantalisingly titled Monster Mind Consuming, Barren King offers a wonderful taste of the musical and mystical world that Manntra calls home. Blending sea-shanty sonics with searing metal licks, industrial grind with folk grandeur, traditional sounds with otherworldly, gothic vibes, Barren King is a fantastic flight of fancy. It is... Continue Reading →

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