That Was The Music Week That Was – 0512221

Less music has been written about on the site than usual this week so I have gained some inspiration from the "to do" pile, so plenty of previews of music reviews to come.

Robin Guthrie releases ‘Pearldiving’ album, first long-player in nine years

Following the October release of his 'Mockingbird Love' EP comes the much-anticipated ‘next’ full-length album from legendary Scottish music-sculptor Robin Guthrie, titled 'Pearldiving'. On this journey of 10 new tracks, Guthrie returns to his signature instrumental genre, evoking an atmosphere and sound so instantly recognizable, and yet so very personal. From the slow-burning opening notes of ‘Ivy’ to the last swelling distortion... Continue Reading →

Traces – Carameladora (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

When Carameladora states that her music “exists between the boundaries of genres,” she is exactly right and Traces is the perfect showcase of exactly that. Rising out of a gorgeously hypnotic classical-esque, acoustic riff, it quickly gathers around it gentle clubland beats, washes of electronica, cinematic guitar lines, chiming electronica, sweeping strings and angelic and otherworldly drones. And if... Continue Reading →

Jarvis Earnshaw & Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle) announce debut TRAVIS DUO album ‘Hypnagogia and preview the track ‘Hitherto’

Brooklyn-based underground music veterans Jarvis Earnshaw and Trevor Dunn are gearing up to release their first collaborative album as the TRAVIS DUO - a collection of improvisations based on a set of line drawings and diagrams drawn during lucid dreams. Aptly titled 'Hypnagogia' of or pertaining to the period of the transitional state between waking life and dreams: hypnagogic hallucinations). For this project,... Continue Reading →

Vision – Da Major (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Rising from a slow-burning, atmospheric and slightly cinematic opening passage, Vision then bursts into life, evolving into a salvo of deft and dexterous vocals running on a platform of skittering beats and depth-charge bass pulses. Lyrically reflective and musically dark and edgy, it plays with some wonderful sonic dynamics before fading out, like a musical... Continue Reading →

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