Orion – Beauty In Chaos ft. Whitney Tai (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even when Beauty in Chaos opts to plough a more considered, understated and reserved furrow, there is still a certain amount of weight and intensity to be found driving the song. Orion is a case in point. It never plays the obvious rock and roll cards, no raucous riffs, no sonic sucker punches, no grungy... Continue Reading →

Wayne Hussey takes us behind the scenes of his ReMission International project

Wayne Hussey, frontman of Leeds' post-punk legends The Mission has provided further insight into his newest project ReMission International and their 'TOS2020' project, which involved re-envisioning the anthemic hit 'Tower Of Strength'. This commentary can be found in Part 1 and Part 2 of an interview based on crowd-sourced questions. Produced by Wayne Hussey and co-produced and mixed by legendary producer Tim Palmer, this EP was released to... Continue Reading →

Behind the Beauty and the Chaos!

Beauty in Chaos, in collaboration with Jammer Direct and Jammerzine, announces the film ‘Behind the Beauty: Remixing the Chaos’, which premiered on Jammer Direct. This marks two milestones for Jammer Direct – this documentary is their first film project and it’s release also helped launch Jammer Direct's official Roku channel this month. This film takes you behind... Continue Reading →

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