Not content with being the frontwoman of Kirlian Camera, as well as the sonic captain of her own electronic pop project, SPECTRA*paris, alternative musician, singer, composer and producer Elena Alice Fossi has now found her way into the fold of Michael Ciravolo’s excellent and expansive Beauty in Chaos. And why not? She is, after all, the perfect fit for the dark rock energies and gothic sonics that often weave their way through its music.

Musically, Kiss The World takes us on a wonderfully dynamic journey, rising up from gracefully and drifting musical shade, a place of understated beats and shimmering guitars, to then explode into the euphoric anthemics and raw-edged excitement that Beauty in Chaos has always been so adept at.

Lyrically and visually it weaves its way through some fascinating tropes and ideas: dystopian landscapes, political manipulation and the blind, zombie-like obedience of the populations as they are made to dance and think by political puppet masters. It all seems very relevant…which is a bit worrying, but I guess that is the whole point.

Beauty in Chaos, and Michael Ciravolo who drives it, are collaborative geniuses, adept at not only finding the right people to work with (from a who’s who of the great and good of modern rock and alternative music) but also by creating a creative environment that allows both parties to bring the best out of each other.

Elena Alice Fossi is a wonderful addition to the Beauty in Chaos family, her vocals wander from the poised to the powerful as required and even when the band really kicks in, her voice remains nothing less than the focal point, sometimes the calm in the eye of the creative storm, sometimes the siren bringing harmony to the squalling sonics.

Kiss The World is a fantastic collaborative addition to the Beauty In Chaos musical canon…but did you expect anything less?

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