Angel Woman – JD Days (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Love ballads often get a bad rap. But then again many do actually deserve the reputation that they get. Angel Woman might be a love ballad but it is also just as much a chilled pop song, a slice of understated indie, a dial-down piece of pop-rock.  Names and genres just seem to get in... Continue Reading →

Reckless – RX (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop songs driven by acoustic guitar don’t always reap great results. But that’s because most artists essentially try to take a folk music approach to a genre that celebrates very different sonic elements. The result is very often a middle ground, light-weight, ballad, one which makes use of neither pop’s infectious wants nor folks’ more... Continue Reading →

Never Mind – Devon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The last time I wrote about New York City singer-songwriter Devon, it was to discuss using covers, in her case a subtle reworking of Charli XCX’s perky pop paean to the unfairer sex, Boys as a way of grabbing an audiences attention before delivering the killer blow. What’s interesting about killer blows, especially sonic ones,... Continue Reading →

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