Save Me – Evok (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop music gets bad press these days because people have forgotten just how good pop music can be. Just because your average chart single seems to be a predictable slice of style over substance, throwaway, saccharine dross, doesn't mean that that is all it is capable of being. And just because a song is hovering... Continue Reading →

Voices – ReLoVe (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

ReLoVe are great at fusing music from what might be termed world and roots genres and using those sonic building blocks to build their signature sound. This time out they give us Voices which blends funky basslines, soulful harmonies, busy drum salvos and folky fiddles. As always the individual elements are recognisable but the way... Continue Reading →

Suddenly – Joemayk (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blending some country tones into very accessible pop shapes, Suddenly is one of those timeless songs. Timeless in its sentiment, documenting that first kiss, those first tentative steps of love, those memorable moments from which a relationship grows. But timeless in its sonic content too, those perfect melodic tones and easy addictions, the obvious hook... Continue Reading →

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