Out of Chaos Comes….Beauty in Chaos (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Is a song ever truly finished? Can there ever be a definitive form, one that can’t be improved on? Isn’t there something to be gained from revisiting, reimagining, reclothing music which is already close to your heart? These are all the sorts of questions which must concern Michael Ciravolo and in trying to answer them... Continue Reading →

The Storm – Outwave (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’m not sure what happened with rock music of late. Somewhere along the line it seemed to splinter off into any number of over-earnest sub groups, grim faced, scream-grunt metallers taking themselves too seriously, identikit, black-clad indie rockers with complicated hair and designer labels, math-rock aficionados who can’t even see the melody in the rearview... Continue Reading →

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