Ron Wright & Special Guests – Ron Wright (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you can tell a lot about a person by the company that they keep, the same is equally true of musicians. And, this being the case, the company that Ron Wright keeps on this 18 track album, speaks volumes. After all, any album graced with collaborations and contributions by people who have played for... Continue Reading →

Light Me Up – Ratinoff (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hitting the sweet spot between rock's rabble-rousing aggression and alt-pop accessibility and addiction, Light Me Up is instantly contagious. Even the most hard-hearted cynic or entrenched musical tribal follower would be hard pushed not to fall for its raucous charms immediately. Some songs achieve anthemic status through clever media and marketing, though record company drive... Continue Reading →

Wayne Hussey takes us behind the scenes of his ReMission International project

Wayne Hussey, frontman of Leeds' post-punk legends The Mission has provided further insight into his newest project ReMission International and their 'TOS2020' project, which involved re-envisioning the anthemic hit 'Tower Of Strength'. This commentary can be found in Part 1 and Part 2 of an interview based on crowd-sourced questions. Produced by Wayne Hussey and co-produced and mixed by legendary producer Tim Palmer, this EP was released to... Continue Reading →

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