Dreamland – Steve Noonan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We might live in an artistic world still fascinated with notions of genres and styles but it is the music that cuts across such nonsense that seems destined to last. This music doesn't worry about ticking this box or that, instead, it seems to adopt a sound that can best be described as classic. Classic,... Continue Reading →

Fine Smoke – Gear (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Any scene, sound or style is created through the building of sonic pyramids. These start by the establishment of a solid platform as a musical base, followed by additional layers of reinterpretation and evolution, creativity and flashes of inspiration, leading to a pinnacle upon which the current bands of that scene sits.  And it isn't... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with Leadboots

Let’s start with a bit of background. How did Leadboots come together and what paths have the various musicians travelled along to get here? Nathan (Pickett): I think the genesis of Leadboots goes back to the first day I met Kirk in an industrial kitchen. I walked past his pastry section; he had a speaker anything from 00’s punk-pop to 30’s... Continue Reading →

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