Sweeps – The Persian Leaps (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Often songs are written specifically around an idea or theme that the writer wishes to explore but does so knowing that it is natural for the listener to find their own meanings and relevance in the song. With Sweeps, even writer Drew Forsberg admits that “The exact subject of the song is open for interpretation. I... Continue Reading →

Fine Smoke – Gear (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Any scene, sound or style is created through the building of sonic pyramids. These start by the establishment of a solid platform as a musical base, followed by additional layers of reinterpretation and evolution, creativity and flashes of inspiration, leading to a pinnacle upon which the current bands of that scene sits.  And it isn't... Continue Reading →

Ayla – Bilbosa (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is an interesting insight into how the internal machinations of music-making, at least the music of Bilbosa, works to be found on this gorgeous and graceful EP. The opening and closing songs are the two versions of recent single Neon, the former featuring vocals from Lori Sky, the latter the original, instrumental version. Starting... Continue Reading →

London indie rock-pop artist Distant Voices presents ‘Stranger Among Friends’

London-based indiepop artist Distant Voices presents 'Stranger Among Friends', a catchy track stemming from a European junket motivated by Brexit regret and the sense of social separation, which has taken on a whole new meaning under the conditions of the current pandemic. Distant Voices is the solo project of Valdis Stekelis, who wrote and began writing these tracks in 2019,... Continue Reading →

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