Scream Quietly – Revolution Above Disorder (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

So many bands opt to revisit classic covers or put their own spin on well-known songs but I wonder how much such choices are driven by the knowledge that they are gaining access to a ready audience, that the real work has already been done by the band or artist that wrote the song in... Continue Reading →

UK underground icons The Speed of Sound present ‘Last Orders’ from the ‘Museum of Tomorrow’ LP

Power pop/indie rock collective The Speed Of Sound present 'Last Orders', hot on trail of revealing the single 'Opium Eyes' and 'Tomorrow's World' from their Future-Retro-Modernist long-player 'Museum of Tomorrow'. 32 years to the day when the band's debut EP saw the light of day in 1989, they've released this album on CD and Deluxe LP via California-based Big Stir Records. Hailing from Manchester, The... Continue Reading →

Fine Smoke – Gear (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Any scene, sound or style is created through the building of sonic pyramids. These start by the establishment of a solid platform as a musical base, followed by additional layers of reinterpretation and evolution, creativity and flashes of inspiration, leading to a pinnacle upon which the current bands of that scene sits.  And it isn't... Continue Reading →

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