Church Music – Music By Gestalt (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music by Gestalt is the perfect name for this wonderful project, gestalt being a word used to describe the process of a coming together of many different parts into a total which is much more than the sum of those individual components. I suspect all bands think that they are doing that but if you... Continue Reading →


Sarah Pagé releases Lithium Taper ahead of new album

Montreal-based experimental harpist Sarah Pagé video for "Lithium Taper" is a long rolling shot across a beautiful stark landscape, directed by experimental filmmaker Kyoka Tsukamoto. You may have heard Pagé with folk rockers The Barr Brothers, or her collaborations with wide ranging artists such as Lhasa de Sela, Nadah El Shazly, Joni Void, and chamber rock group Esmerine. Dose Curves... Continue Reading →

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