A short conversation with Christos Kariotis of Come Taste The Misery

With a new album just released with Come Taste The Misery, it felt like the perfect time to catch up with the ever-busy Christos Kariotis and find out more about the band, his many other projects and what the future holds for him. Q: Let’s start with a bit of background. Can you tell me... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with Sugar Loaf Walker

I always like to start with a bit of background, so can you tell me a bit about your musical journey from your earliest days to where you are today? Sugar Loaf Walker: I grew up in Chennai, a city in southern India. One of my earliest musical memories was listening to 20 Golden Greats by The Shadows from my... Continue Reading →

Music on Tap: A chat with Davey Woodward

Love and Optimism would seem to be a love letter to Bristol, in part. Was this ever a conscious move or is it just something in your musical DNA? Davey Woodward: I live in Bristol so it’s often the backdrop to songs I write. It’s unconscious. A song like ‘Clara’s Ghost’ is critical of Bristol’s history of slave... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with I Like Trains

There is an interesting arc between 2012s The Shallows and KOMPROMAT, one which moves from discussing the effect of emerging technologies on the individual to the effect those same inventions can have on whole societies. Can you expand on that idea? I Like Trains: It certainly feels as if there’s a strong link between the... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with The Haunt

I’m sure that you get asked this a lot but what is it like being siblings in a band? What are the plus points and what problems, if any, does such a relationship come with? The Haunt: It’s definitely a lot less complicated than people think. The biggest plus of being siblings in a band... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation With Johnny Chops

As someone who is used to spending a significant amount of time making and performing music, how hard has it been to find yourself removed from that routine? Johnny Chops: It’s been a difficult adjustment. I’ve been steadily performing every week for almost 20 years. Having that completely disappear overnight has really taken a toll.... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with The Wolfhounds

The Wolfhounds have gone against the F. Scott Fitzgerald adage of there being no second act. What is different about being a band and making music in 21st century to your 80’s experience of the same? The Wolfhounds: We’re ‘Band Interrupted’, really – we never ran out of ideas first time around, just time and... Continue Reading →

A short conversation with Josh Taerk

This lockdown period is tough on everyone, not least creative people who would normally be out performing, entertaining, sharing and creating. SoI recently sat down with singer-songwriter Josh Taerk to find out how he has been affected by these restrictive times, what he is doing to get through it and what lessons he will take... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with Tiny Fighter

With a new album Going Home about to be released, I sat down with Therese Karlsson and Tim Spelman to find out about the bands unusual beginning, its fascinating development, influences, hidden depths and where they are heading next. Tiny Fighter has grown out of a studio project to become a full touring band, tell... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with Mayflower Madame

With “Prepared For A Nightmare” about to drop, the time felt right to sit down with Mayflower Madame and discuss the album, what influences their sound, generic labels, touring on both sides of the Atlantic and everything in between. Post-punk seems like an archaic term but do you think it is applicable to the music... Continue Reading →

In Conversation with Nandan Gautam

After recently becoming acquainted with Nandan Gautam's recent album, The King of The Sea we where driven to find out more about his fascinating back story, his struggle to find his  own approach to making music and the revelation that opened the way for him. You were driven to make music earlier in life, can you tell... Continue Reading →

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