That Was The Musical Week That Was – 190620

Another busy week scribbling away at Dancing Towers and so here is another short list of some of the fab and groovy waxings which have been under the pen, part of the PR push or which just floated into my orbit for a variety of reasons. If you like any of the tracks, check out... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Albums of The Year – 2017

Picking just ten albums out of the pack is always a tricky thing. This site has reviewed around 500 pieces of music this year from throw-away pop singles to album length progressive flights of fancy, from the well trodden grounds of classic rock to cutting edge experiments which are creating a whole new musical future.... Continue Reading →

Going around in circles

Music is cyclical, we all know that, 30 years seems to be the recognised time span for music to drop off the fashion radar long enough to seem cool or cult and be rediscovered and reinterpreted by a new musical generation. Brit-pop was a re-discovery of sixties guitar bands, punk was the distilled spirit of... Continue Reading →

New Music of The Day – LVII : Sunshine – Fassine

With  debut single Sunshine, Fassine take dance music to a new place. The glossy pop veneer is stripped away to leave a bleak soundscape of Berlin Bowie minimalism, stark industrial grooves and elegantly wasted and sensual vocals. More akin to a futuristic film noir soundtrack than anything suggested by the song title yet still strangely engaging, via it's delicate, transient... Continue Reading →

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