Limbs –  Fassine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Ahhh, Fassine, it’s been a while. Far too long. But all that will be put right soon with the announcement of Forge, a new album for March next year. In the mean time Limbs has been sent out into the world to test the water. So what has changed? Well, they seem to be a slightly heavy proposition, guitars grind and grate nicely but do so in balance to some gorgeous soundscaping, some lovely dynamic lulls. Limbs is a single composed of meandering moods and no mistake.

And that has always been Fassine’s strong suit, their ability to take emotion and turn it into music and Limbs, for all its rawer opening salvos and occasional gruff demeanour, shows us that they are still masters of such contrasts. They are still able to break things down to chiming synths and subtle, supple not to mention sensuous vocals. They still work danceable grooves into their oft dreamy interludes. They still give pop music a run for its money…and most other genres for that matter.

It’s like meeting an old friend after too long apart. You notice a few changes in their appearance but when you hear yourself saying, “Wow you haven’t changed a bit,” you mean it. On reflection Fassine have changed. A bit. Just enough to offer a new take on their trade-mark sound, to move forward, gently evolve. But essentially it is the Fassine that you fell in love with all those years ago. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Why would you?

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