Vvs Vol. 2 The Summoning – Jaysclusive (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This collaborative collection of urban operators and streetwise music makers is exactly what the grassroots scene needs. With the music industry ever more closed off to those working to break through into its hallowed halls, it is, in many ways, showcase albums which gather together the great and good to work in unison which are going to make the difference. Such co-operation, an understanding that if one artist does well, then everyone benefits, is going to create an important alternative to the establishment. And rap and hip-hop have always been happy to operate a longways outside the establishment. Welcome to The Summoning.

Jaysclusive’s latest release is a slice of urban music sitting at the cutting edge of where those broad genres are operating today. Tracks such as opening salvo 100 Days highlights deft lyrical flows driven by edgy, skittering trap beats, Dawg sees Dellis and BuddahBabyWoo brings some latin grooves to the rap arena and Want 2 is a spacious and bombastic anthem dedicated to breaking away from your old life to make something of yourself.

It’s tracks like Love Kills which feel like a real attack on the mainstream though. A sort of musical Trojan horse, enticing enough to the mainstream pop-pickers with its seductive R&B vibe and Hadar Adora’s soulful vocal deliveries yet subversive and underground enough to break new ground too. The perfect blend of the cultish and the commercial.

And I guess that is where we are with the current state of hip-hop and all its descendant sub cultures. If the keys to the kingdom of the music industry seem guarded by those just looking for fast selling “product” and the quick return then it is time to knock the whole thing down and start again. That is exactly what albums such as The Summoning represent. A gathering of creative forces to rush the barricades perhaps? Let’s hope so and when it happens Jaysclusive and his acolytes and collaborators will be the first ones over the wall. Who’s with them?

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