Golden Heart  –  Leviticus Pharaoh (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is made for a wide variety of reasons. It lifts you up after a hard week at work, it is the sound track to a road trip or a holiday, it makes you think, it makes you want to act or react or it is just something that you use to forget all your worries and dance the night away. But never is it more powerful than when it evokes memories of a loved one. Golden Heart is just such a song.

It takes the form of a lilting, pop ballad, built from picked acoustic strings and electronic sonics and is clearly an intimate dedication to someone taken away far too young. And whilst such a song is clearly a personal message it also has universal relevance, and, sadly, many will also be able to relate to its core meanings. But beyond that it is a deft and delicate song, one built from space and sparing musicality, one which relies on the vocals and the message to hit the heart of the listener. Something that it does both powerfully and with tenderness.

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