New Music of The Day – LVII : Sunshine – Fassine

10433795_817104758341141_4276052568270176647_nWith  debut single Sunshine, Fassine take dance music to a new place. The glossy pop veneer is stripped away to leave a bleak soundscape of Berlin Bowie minimalism, stark industrial grooves and elegantly wasted and sensual vocals. More akin to a futuristic film noir soundtrack than anything suggested by the song title yet still strangely engaging, via it’s delicate, transient nature, mercurial rhythms and glitchy beats.  This is the music of late night solitude but also of the dawn breaking after a night of excess. This is the soundtrack to memories of youth and a glimpse into the future. This is cinematic pop music distilled to its very essence and is all the better for it.

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