1513653_10152793838136784_5504306957416052562_nBarricades were made for storming, rules were made to be broken and boundaries are for crossing. Thankfully in this post-everything world that we find ourselves, more and more artists are adopting this approach. The tribalism and identity that music created in the past has been abandoned, musical genres have become a series of colours on a musical palette to be mixed and blended and none have embraced this approach more thoroughly than Postcards From Jeff.

Dream-pop meets cinematic indie, folk blends with electronica and alternative pop expectations are subverted by underground ambient soundtracks and a futuristic Americana. And as one genre bleeds into the next a new genre-less music is created bounded not by style or tradition but only by creator Joss Worthington’s imaginative vision.

This is music for the girl with the Tesco bought Ramones T-shirt dancing in an electronica club, for the hipster playing Duran Duran non-ironically on his iPhone, music for those who don’t care about musical history, who have never heard of, or would even care about the punk wars and who take music at its most honest, creative and unencumbered face value. The past is another country; they do things differently there. Welcome to the future.

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