People who say that they don’t like pop music have probably been listening to the wrong sort of pop music. Pop music should be built on great grooves and infectious beats, upbeat vibes and euphoric sensations; it is carefree, addictive and fun. And if you need that spelt out for you then just give Symphony a spin, it is the epitome of what pop music should be.

And whereas the pop music genre is not known for meaningful lyrics and words of wisdom, Symphony, like everything that comes out of Don’t Skip, certainly is. Their relatable and understated street philosophies are the perfect icing on the sonic cake, as positive, deft and delicious as the music that drives it along.

Symphony is smart and soulful, it is poised and powerful but it is never bombastic or obvious in the way that it delivers its music or its message. And in a world where everyone is speaking over each other, pushing their own ego or telling you how you should live your life, Symphony is both an addictive slice of pop, and a deep and meaningful lyrical love letter to life itself.

When did pop music get so mature?

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