Proving that an “official no-budget home video” (their words, not mine) can still be an engaging, watchable and groovy experience, Don’t Skip are back with another slice of upbeat, clubland pop. And as always, it isn’t just about the mellifluous melodies, the neo-soul vibes, the easy groove and infectious snap of the song, though that would be more than enough for most musicians.

What Don’t Skip do so well, is weave rays of hope through their sonic design into a signature sound, perhaps we could call it poised and positive pop. For that sums it up nicely. And that is what comes through on the video too. A group of musicians having fun with their music, casting sonic rays of sunshine about them and making the world a better place. All on zero budget. They say that the best things in life are free. This video is one of those things!

Whilst their peers are moaning about ex-girlfriends, rapping about not getting the respect they feel that they deserve and other such first world problems, Don’t Skip come across as gentle, musical philosophers, dispensing everyday wisdom and support for any who wish to listen, and in the case of this video, look. Everything about Keep Your Head Up is poignant, powerful and positive but done in subtle and understated ways. The perfect soundtrack and a well timed video to help shine a light in these often dark and difficult times.

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