Lovesong – Don’t Skip (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Perhaps, now more than at any other time in recent history, people are looking for a ray of hope, a long lost, sliver-lining, a glimmer of light breaking through the dark clouds which seem to be gathering at an ever increasing pace. Okay, we shouldn’t look to musicians to provide the solutions, that isn’t their job, but they can offer the most wonderful distractions. And Lovesong is certainly a wonderful distraction. It is a mix of clubland beats and mellifluous pop melody, gentle grooves and sparkling synth lines, the perfect little number to make you want to hit the dance floor and leave all of your troubles and worries behind.

But it is more than that to. Between its smooth lyricism and sun-soaked vibes you find all sorts of hidden depths, ones which bubble with optimism and hope, It is a reminder that when life isn’t going our way then sometimes all we need is a change of attitude, also that the world is just a mirror for our own outlook and attitude. Look into the mirror with a positive mindset and the world will seem a positive place. It might not change your life but it might change your night, and that is good enough for now.

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