A pop track this may be but the fact that it also skirts around the R&B’s sassy moves, dance’s infectious grooves, that it feels effortlessly cool, not to mention being fresh, funky and forward-thinking is the reason why it is so much more than that. It bridges the old music world and the new, blending analogue guitar salvos and liquid riffs with digital dance beats and a sense that this is the sound of the future being accessed by the present.

So much pop music, and most genres, to be honest, is the result of its creators following the current fad or fashion, essentially creating more of the same. Don’t Skip is better and more enlightened than that and, although the sonic building blocks that they use to create Keep Your Head Up are all fairly familiar, the way that they are put together, the scintillating sonic architecture that they create, shows them to be beating new pop paths through fairly unexplored territory.

Fresh yet familiar? What a perfect combination.

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