If you have been an avid gig-goer in and around Oxford for the last ten years, then the name Scott Gordon will probably be a familiar one. He has been playing his brand of Guinness-soaked music in every bar, club, and open mic from Wolvercote to Littlemore (and everywhere in between).

The band has had a few slight changes in line up here and there, but the core of the music has always remained the same. Built upon blues/Americana tales of everyday life with whip-smart lyrics and that twiddly, finger-picking style that compliments the gruff voice and set against ocean-deep bass and driving drum patterns that bridge the gap from folky whimsy to The Levellers-style, bare feet on the floorboards party music.

The music is refreshingly gimmick-free, these aren’t songs about hoe-downs in the barn or living your life on a tractor while little Missy stays at home raising the kids, these are songs about long commutes, social commentary and love songs that punch well above their weight (if ‘Let Me Share In Yours’ was sung by Van Morrison, it would be a wedding first dance staple!).

Sure, there are things here and there that don’t quite hit the mark – the snare drum is a little thuddy rather than snappy, the bass would perhaps benefit from some treble and at times the music is chaotic – but these are nit-picking things, a little like sniffing at the windscreen wipers on a Ferrari. 

Overall, the music is tight, listenable and has enough variety to satisfy most fans of this genre.

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