Chase The Light – Collect Call (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sitting perfectly between the infectiousness and hook of classic pop and the ambience and grace of its dreamier, electronic younger sibling, Chase The Light is one of those songs which is as much about space as it is about creation.

The busy shuffling beat and occasional glitchy waves of electronica make for a great structure on which to hang smoother sonics. But the great thing here is that not much is hung on that platform. Okay, electronic washes drift by and the vocals engage the listener perfectly, but that is about it. And so it is the light that shines through the deliberate cracks that adds so much. It is in these spaces that such sounds pool and percolate, half-heard harmonies echo enticingly, strange digital motifs squall and scatter and piano lines chime and charm in equal measure.

And that is the fine line that Collect Call walks, one between busy, bustling groove and dreamscape gracefulness, between the hurried and the hushed, between the intended and the incidental and each is as important as the other in this music of opposite and attraction.

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