I think it is slightly inaccurate to describe Beauty in Chaos as a supergroup, that conjures outdated images of tours that require their own medium sized transport company and more often than not egos to match. Beauty in Chaos are more a band with an unparalleled social circle and Michael Ciravolo’s (not so) little black book of musical friends and acquaintances has always been put to great use to keep the band musically fluid and name-droppingly brilliant. Not so much music made by standing on the shoulders of giants, more music made by asking the giants to pop around for a coffee, a chat and maybe a bit of a jam!

Un-Natural Disaster, sees Kings X main man dUg PINNICK take centerstage for this maelstrom of intense alt-rock which also has Ice-T adding a brooding and understated rap and Zakk Wylde dropping a searing guitar solo into the mix. The hypnotic backbeat gives the song an industrial groove added to by a depth charge bass and a general air of claustrophobia.

Remixes are often a ploy to get the punter to buy the same record twice, at least that is what the cynical side of my brain tells me, but this reworking of a song from the bands debut album is truly a whole different beast, the same but also not the same and a worthy addition to the recorded collection whether you have the debut album or not. Though the question here is if not why not?

“Supergroups” releasing “remixes?” Who thought that it could be this awesome? Well, based on the band’s track record, me for one.

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