Down Down –  Bonne Finken (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I have previously described Bonne Finken as making music at a point where two worlds collide and her album Fairytales/Love Affairs was that perfect clash of the more dreamlike end of the commercial palette and its brasher, more street wise musical pop cousin. Well, Down Down is certainly a song which falls towards the latter end of that spectrum and comes at you like pop song with a rock attitude, all swagger and untamed energy but filled with groove and melody.

That said, for all its tough appearance, successive listens reveal a complex musical DNA that act as its building blocks, layers of sonic textures all meshing together, subtle and supple musical lines which when woven tightly enough create a hard exterior. Imagine the punch that floors you being delivered by a boxing glove woven out of so many layers of gossamer.  Well, in a way, Down Down is just that!

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