Drunk Girls –  Charlotte Grayson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is a wonderful medium. It is able to discuss and encapsulate the biggest concepts, it is able to talk about the smallest and most frivolous aspects of modern life. It is able to spin majestic yarns, it is able to focus on the common and seemingly inconsequential bonds that make us who we are. And whilst Drunk Girls, as the name might imply, is certainly a song that veers towards the everyday and slightly perhaps trivial, it is actually a song that drips with honesty, looks you in the eye and revels in the camaraderie found between young girls on drunken nights out.

Falling between acoustic pop and a more shimmering, dream-like indie-folk, it is built of clean sonic lines and straight-forward intentions, swerves the tricks and gimmicks of the modern studio and just gets on with the job. And whilst the subject matter certainly has a definite audience, musically it is much more mature that it seems and has the same broad appeal that the likes of Amy MacDonald exuded effortlessly a decade previously. Honest yet accessible pop music that belies its age? Whatever next?

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