The Delicate Balance of All Things (Rapid Reituration Mix) ft. Cinthya Hussey – Beauty in Chaos (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Just because a song has been written and recorded a certain way, why draw a line under things so soon? Why resign yourself to the idea of a definitive version of a song when it can have any number of rebirths and reinventions. A good song is a good song after all, so why not have fun with it? And Beauty in Chaos and all of the musicians who move through this ever-expanding, ever-evolving project, do write good songs. Actually, make that great songs.

Originally written by Beauty in Chaos lynch-pin Michael Ciravolo and The Mission’s Wayne Hussey for the Storm Before The Calm album, what was an anthemic rocker of a track is here reimagined as a smooth, soulful and sensitive song, more in keeping with a sort of gothic-infused, cocktail bar, soul ballad, than the original foot-on-the-monitor groover.

Cinthya Hussey brings just the right amount of seduction and spirit to the track and around her guitars pulse and chime, soar and serenade, roar and resonate, as the mood takes them.

Taken from the Out of The Chaos Comes collection of Beauty in Chaos’ retailored songs and retold musical narratives, this rendering of The Delicate Balance of All Things is one of the highlights in an album of quality songs and, like all of the racks found there, it reminds us that songs are not things stuck in time or in any one particular form. As I pointed out earlier, a good song stands up to reworking and reinvention and to call this merely a “good song” is certainly a less than gracious understatement.

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