There is always the thrill of the unexpected felt when diving into a new song from Beauty in Chaos. Not because you go in wondering if they are going to knock it out of the sonic park… that is pretty much a given…the excitement comes from seeing who BIC main man Michael Ciravolo has got on board to help him do so.

The appearance of The Mission’s Simon Hinkler seems a very logical inclusion, not only because his fellow band mate Wayne Hussey is no stranger to the BIC posse but because the posse itself generally takes a similar sonic stance as The Mission, one foot in the gothic camp the other in more discerning yet much more broadly appealing rock music. The ability to appeal to the masses and the underground scene at the same time is a neat trick to be able to pull off, it is a trick Michael continues to do and do so effortlessly.

Throw in, Curse MacKey on vocals and Tim Palmer on keys and co-production and you have the perfect first taste of the flavour of the forthcoming album. Out of Chaos Comes… is the counterpart of The Storm Before The Calm and offers 26 remixes and reinterpretations of the songs found there.

This time out A Kind Cruelty takes on a more electro-cinematic feel, somehow grounded in a similar, old-school rock and roll vibe as before but crackling with a more edgy, electronic energy, merging the bids trademark, low-slung sleazy vibe (in the nicest possible way, of course) and the echoes of a more alternative dance floor, dark wave sound.

It’s the perfect way to announce the new album and it’s classic Beauty in Chaos, if there is even such a thing. If something dark and theatrical, nostalgic yet forward-thinking, graceful yet full of sonic torque, balancing power and poise, is your sort of thing, then use this track as the springboard into the full release to follow.

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