Love For A Day – Anna Azerli (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Anna Azerli is a unique new artist from New Zealand. She eventually moved to Berlin then later to pursue a music career in Milan, at Accademia Teatro all Scala of all places. Sonically too she is interesting to place, a trained opera singer turned to dance-pop, a TV actress with an upcoming Las Vegas show, a multi-facetted artist with a very, let’s just say “adult” media image. But that’s the modern world for you, artists are free to be what and who they want and go where they please, hopping genres, disciplines and images as they see fit. And why not?

And given all of those artistic collisions and cross-overs, Love For A Day is again a surprising song. Given the often brash nature of the image that she choses to project, this latest single is a tempered and reflective love ballad, one built around plaintive piano, subdued sonics and of course her extraordinary vocal talent.

Anna Azerli is perhaps the embodiment of the modern artist – divergent and versatile – blending high art with media-driven common denominators, perfect grace with modern grit, pop perfection with obvious attraction. Welcome to the modern world, welcome to Anna Azerli.

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