Songs For Emi – The Pierce Project (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is made for almost as many reasons as there are people making it. To relax to, to broadcast ideas, to let off steam, to excite, seduce, rally, rant and almost every other emotional state that you chose to name. But perhaps the purest reason of all for making music is to celebrate a loved one, especially if that loved one is a daughter. Imagine having the thoughts and memories of your earliest years set to music by those around you, especially if those around you are a talented bunch of multi-instrumentalists, deft pop writers and talented musicians. Or as you might call them…the family.

Songs For Emi is glorious in its innocence. A collection of light and lovingly conceived pop songs capturing much more than a photograph ever could. But the great thing here is that even though the songs might have come into existence in the name of childhood amusement, they are constructed in the most deft and delicate of ways, pop music doesn’t have to take the easy route, even when it is making music which is brilliantly accessible.

There are jaunty jigs such as Vanilla Parfait, reflections of the family’s Old Piano, the neat rock and roll declarations of Love, the upbeat folk-pop of Two Tickets and lush lullabies…or whatever a lullaby designed to be sung first thing in the morning is…such as Good Morning.

Songs For Emi is not only a wonderful way of capturing moments and memories, it has resulted in some fantastic music. It is the ultimate family sonic scrapbook but it also makes lovely listening for a broader audience too.

PS. Who doesn’t love Marisa Tomei? Listen below for more on that subject…

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