Vanilla Parfait – The Pierce Project (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is always a wonderful element of sonic time travel to be found in The Pierce Project’s music. This time out they seem to wander around a sort of 20’s flapper riff but one soaked through with their brilliant kaleidoscopic, psychedelic vibes. It’s like Randy Newman doing a Bill and Ted routine between The Algonquin Round Table and Woodstock. How great is that?

Even better than that they give a favourable mention to the awesome Marisa Tomei which is always going to win points with me. Music like this doesn’t come along very often. Well, it does if you hang around The Pierce Project I guess but not everyone is that lucky, so for most of us songs like Vanilla Parfait are these wonderful alternatives to the run of the mill rock or production line pop which is being constantly fed to the masses.

Vanilla Parfait is either the sound of music being made by musicians happy to pay no heed to current fad or fashion or it is the result of a meticulously planned alternative, more scenic route being taken. And to be honest, I really don’t care which it is, as long as it keeps happening.

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