I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is something very 60’s, hazy and if pushed to throw in a geographical reference, I’d have to say West Coast, about The Pierce Projects core sound. Time Is Absurd was full of such psychedelic pop prettiness and Cry Me a River has it too. But this isn’t just an exercise in nostalgic past sounds as the lyrics, again, turn this into something far more interesting. Odd, personal, poignant and strangely compelling, they are cleverer than your average Summer of Love nonsense and certainly smarter than the modern pop pap being employed by record industry, production line, fly by nights.

Again, there is a wonderful understatement to the whole affair, no big crescendos, no anthemic choruses, no middle-eight lead breaks. And the song is better for all that. Their sound is based on a lulling, lilting infectiousness, about making musical non statements which are more compelling than the brash stock in trade of the charts and for that, I love them. The Pierce Project is like your weird little brother. It’s okay if you mention how strange they are but if anyone else says a bad word about them they will have you to deal with. Weirdos? Yes, but my weirdos. Do you wanna make something of it?

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