Blow Some Down – Tray Tray (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although it adheres to the styles and traditions of the golden days of hip-hop’s past, Blow Some Down is built out of sonic building blocks which you only find at today’s cutting edge of modern musical recording. It comes on like old-school gangster rap – the ghosts of the likes of NWA can certainly be found hovering around the the vocal deliveries – but it is forged from skittering trap percussion and brooding depth-charge bass pulses, glitchy electronica and atmospheric synth washes. Very contemporary indeed.

Joining Tray Tray on this track is Billboard chart artist Future, making this track a collaboration between Chicago and Atlanta’s most crucial rising stars. It’s a track which gets straight on with the job at hand, no slowly building intros, no subtle fade-outs just a song which comes straight in like a punch to the consciousness and which leaves just as unexpectedly.

Blow Some Down is the sound of the hip-hop torch being carried on into a bright new future, pun intended.

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