Say Less – Razzie (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although not due out until 17th October, those of us lucky enough to have heard advanced plays can see why there is a buzz of excitement and no small amount of anticipation for Razzie’s last e.p. A run of successful singles has already shown his ability to take rap into a bright new future. Not only that but do so whilst still adhering to the sounds and styles which made his chosen genre, and the hip-hop from which it evolved, so revolutionary, not to mention popular in the first place.

And it is this blend of edge and accessibility, forward-thinking and old-school grit which defines his music in general and Say Less in particular. But then Razzie has always known how to make cool and exciting leaps of faith. It was the same boldness which saw him leave rap crew Hot Topik to strike out on his own which is evident in the beats and bars of his latest release.

If previous single release have garnered over two hundred and fifty thousand streams to date, these are numbers which most people expect Say Less to effortlessly exceed, certainly based on the first few pre-release spins.

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