Finally, a Christmas song I can get behind. Okay, there have been a few that have tickled the old seasonal baubles before…Fairytale of New York (currently the subject of its own PC hyperbole due to MacGowan’s typical choice words, God knows what would happen if anyone in power really looked into some of his songs,) Stop The Cavalry and Give Peace a Chance (with their anti-war messages) are most of the short list which work for me. So the fact that Phil Cooper, in his usual deft and deliberate fashion, has side-stepped the schmaltz and sentiment that normally infects such sonic fare and with tongue firmly in cheek has tackled the click bait mentality of tabloid journalism and those who (knowingly?) fall for it, means that it can be added to that very short list.

Rocking out in full band mode for change is a great move, it all adds a bit of weight to the message. Making it brilliantly singalong and musically infectious doesn’t hurt either. But it is, as is often the way in Phil’s world, the words which are paramount. As he points out, no one is trying to stop you celebrating Christmas, or any other significant day, as you would like. No-one is bowing down to other cultures, communities or creeds; health and safety isn’t ruining your fun and political correctness isn’t a problem unless you choose it to be. Newspaper headlines and clickbait journalism, instead, are the real problem, but in a world where people’s attention span seems to be measured in scales normally used only in Quantum Physics, people love to let a headline not only ruin their day but colour their world view.

A great song, a great sentiment and I didn’t even mention Brexit or The Daily Mail once!


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