So here we are once more, to paraphrase Marillion. Yes, that’s the sort of references I’ll be employing, so you might as well get used to it. A lot has happened since I last put pen to paper for this august journal. Lockdowns have kept us apart, and governments and even monarchs have changed since we last spoke. It would seem that the only continuity between that older world and the new one is the predictable nature of Adele, Drake and the millennial Lionel Richie, Ed Sheeran records.

But normality seems to be creeping back into our lives, so, with the print version of The Swindonian hitting the streets once more, here is the return of my column of live original music recommendations. Original? Yes. You noticed that, huh? Okay. Well, that’s just my thing; I’m not sure why it seems controversial; after all, being in support of one thing doesn’t automatically mean that you are against the other. My column. My recommendations. Right, I’m going in….

We kick off with a nice slice of blues, the saviour and future of the blues genre, some have said, with Laurence Jones. The gig is part of his massive UK tour to promote his new album Destination Unknown. Well, the destination is known, isn’t it, Laurence, because you are at Level III on 2nd October. And staying at the same venue, on the 9th, you can catch veteran French rockers Lazuli, and their homespun blend of prog, alt-rock and world music sounds.

There are choices to be made on the 14th. Punks will be heading to The Victoria for London reprobate glam-rock punksters The Derellas with local legends Liabilities AD warming the crowd up. Those looking for a rootsier (I’m sure that is a word) night out should don their most acceptable plaid shirt, slip on their dancing boots and head to The Rolleston for a night of foot-stomping folk, Celtic and Americana music courtesy of Copper Creek.

And in a sort of “if you like that, you’ll like this” seamless segue, on the 20th, The Shudders bring their lo-fi, indie-Americana to The Tuppenny, with the wondrous Barney Kenny in tow. Something wickedly original this way comes on 23rd as composer and musician Kavus Torabi plays The Vic. Often found playing in the likes of Gong, The Utopia Strong, Cardiacs, Knifeworld, and more besides, this time out, he brings his solo show to town. Expect…well, the unexpected. Support comes from the brooding blends of grace and groove that is Richard Wileman and Amy Fry.

Singer-songwriters make a stand at The Tuppenny in the form of uniquely vocal-led Kev Minney and the pop-folkiness of Lost Trade’s Phil Cooper on the 27th

Then things get a bit rock ‘n’ roll for a bit. Getrz is set to sweep into The Vic for a night of incendiary indie and punked-out rock, bringing Viduals and I See Orange along for the ride on the 28th. The following day, at the same location, Stop Stop return with their explosive, 80′-infused, classic rock onslaught.

And we’ll bow out with a hearty mention for none other than folk legends Steeleye Span at The Wyvern Theatre. Due to delays, technically, this is still their 5Oth anniversary tour, and I can tell you from personal experience that they are as potent, poignant, powerful and poetic as they ever were. That is on the last day of the month.

And there we have it. I only covered a few venues but if you have something to include in the listing for next month, just send a message to the magazine. Or better still, keep your events page up to date.


(republished courtesy of The Swindonian)


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