Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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The Was The Musical Week That Was – 051121

Plenty of great new music for you to check out this week. As always, if you want to make sure that grassroots cretives such...

That Was The Musical Week That Was – 071220

It's getting cold out there and so time to turn the heating up, stock up on the comfort foods and fill the house with...

That Was The Musical Week That Was – 291120

All manner of sonic sweeties and nurishing noise that have kept me sonically fed and watered through out this last week. Have a listen,...

Idols In The Flesh – Karda Estra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is much talk at the moment about the challenges facing musicians cut off from their place of work, much moaning about lack of...

Arcana – Richard Wileman (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It would be only natural to assume that having released himself from the complexities of the sonic world of Karda Estra, that Richard Wileman’s...