These Arms of Mine – Ryan Todd Garza (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sometimes you don’t need much to make an impression. Anyone can crank up a guitar or beat a drum kit in such a fashion that it will make you turn your head but often that is about as subtle as a car crash. It takes real skill to make people pay attention, especially when your song is essentially a cascade of hypnotic, finger-picked, guitar pedal notes, a soft and soulful voice and subtle, cocooning sonics. Ryan Todd Garza has that skill and These Arms of Mine is the proof.

It’s a gorgeous and lilting song, sitting somewhere between the folk and pop worlds but also pushing deep into cinematic territory through its ability to conjure hazy soundscapes and lingering, heart-tugging emotive motions. They say that less is more, they say it so much it has become a cliche…but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t true, in fact quite the opposite. And if you don’t understand what the term really means, if the words in dictionaries or thesauruses still leave you at a loss for the phrase’s true meaning, well, just give this a spin and that will tell you everything that you need to know.

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