Sometimes songs seem to write themselves. And that isn’t to take anything away from Price‘s songwriting prowess but he himself admits that he made his first visit to L.A. with the idea for a guitar melody running through his head and the rest seemed to fall into place, perhaps inspired by the location. Almost as if he had absorbed the essence of the city and somehow turned it into music without even thinking too hard about the process.

Love In L.A. is a song about falling in love with both the city and a girl that he met there, all put to R&B-infused pop melody, soulful guitar licks and dance floor energy. It is perhaps his broad range of musical influences, having been inspired by everything from hip hop to R&B, rock to pop, jazz to blues, that colours the edges of this song, turning it from mainstream, commercial pop into something which will find favour with those whose tastes are more mature and more discerning. Pop for all ages, perhaps. How great is that?

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