Mine – Matty Marz (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Matty Marz has always found a way of making pop which sounds new and of the moment but which also adheres to all of the expectations that pop past has left us with a hankering for. It’s not that he makes music which is predictable or which sounds like a rerun of what has gone before, far from it, it’s just that as he strides forward into a new pop sunrise it is often difficult to put into words what changes he has made to the template or what evolutionary path the taking us on. We just know that we are on it.

And that is a clever thing to be able to do. His sonic innovations are subtle, understated and seamless yet seem to constantly push his chosen genre into pastures new, surf the current zeitgeist, keeps up with fad, fashion and current tastes. Mine is cool blend of funky grooves, perky pop moves, clubland energy and R&B sass. Anyone can pull threads from such genres but few manage to weave them together to create something cool, infectious and, most important of all, unique. Matty Marz is the master of pull off just such a neat sonic trick.

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