Nu Eyes – Matty Marz (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Built from futuristic pop smarts surfing over rock waves, Nu Eyes takes a look back at the places and people you used to know with the fresh perspective which is only gained from leaving a place, either physically or mentally. As Matty Marz says, you gotta move on, and having done so it is easy to see such places for the dead ends and hotbeds of pointless drama and petty nonsense that they are.

Nu Eyes takes the infectiousness of pop and blends it with the drive and urgency of a more rock and roll attitude and the result is nothing less than a fantastic indie anthem. It even comes with a rock remix, one which heightens its foot on the monitor, fist in the air qualities.

But whichever version of the song you prefer, Nu Eyes is relevant and rebellious, fun and euphoric. It’s a celebration of breaking away, of rising above the machinations and schemes of the small town, of knowing that you are worth more and going for it. Great advice indeed.

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