2020 – Ramona + the Riot (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

2020 is what you call a real slow-burner, working its way up from a timeless, soulful torch song, it slowly wraps more sonic swathes and musical washes around it, building in stature as it goes. A beat here, a delicate guitar riff there but all the time your focus is on  Jeanetta Salyer‘s majestic vocals.

And these vocals feel like something from a richer, more elegant past. One which takes the sound of soul divas and European cafe jazz icons past and brings them up to date. As the sonic temperature rises, as the music becomes more ornate and powerful, as the song meanders towards its natural conclusion, you can’t help but be carried along with it.

I have to confess that when I saw the name Ramona + the Riot, I was expecting something more punky and chaotic. The riot which goes on here is much more sophisticated, much more eloquent, much more mature and palatable. A pleasant surprise indeed and a poised and powerful song.

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