Matty Marz seems to like nothing better than being provocative. It’s just that this time out, he’s putting all of that swagger and attitude to music to make a cool and sassy, slow-groove, electro-pop song. Whatcha Looking At is a timely affair, a swipe at those who can’t help but stop and stare at those things in the modern world which don’t fit into their neat little boxes. Matty Marz just happens to be one of those things.

So, he starts by questioning if it is him that is the problem, you know that he doesn’t believe that to be the case for one second but it sets the song up nicely so that he can come back pointing the finger at those around him. If there is a problem, it is one of their own making.

And so the song slowly sashays its way through vibrant beats and squalling guitars, easy rhythms and infectious grooves until it comes to an unresolved and sudden stop, begging the listener to finish the story themselves.

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