It’s been a while since Matty Marz‘s music passed my way. It’s good to catch up with him and his music again. So what is he up to now? Well, still as pop-aware as ever. Still a dab hand at a hook, astute as ever with a memorable melody. And still drenched in pop culture.

He has always been able to raise an eyebrow as quickly as he raises a smile. He fights his corner for the right and freedom to live his life his way and celebrates this through his music. Here, he equates the right of passage for the modern adolescent, the permanent mark left by that first tattoo, with the indelible mark that first loves leave on our soul. Clever.

And, as always, he creates the perfect pop vehicle to deliver his message. An infectious beat, a jaunty, foot-shuffling rhythm, a whiff of eighties electronica and an effortless groove. Not only a great song but an alt-pop anthem for the modern age. Yes, it’s that good!


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