Tempus does indeed Fugit! No soon have we cleared away the last of the Christmas decorations and polished off the final few chocolates (probably the cherry-flavoured ones that always seem to get left behind) than thoughts turn to Valentine’s Day. At least, they do if you are as forward-thinking as Joseph James.

The first single from his album 5.5, the first of a series of songs to be released on six-weekly cycles, is perfect for the occasion. A gentle, traditional, heart-hugging ballad, a celebration of love and romance, is everything you want as a soundtrack to the day.

Understated and lilting, it is a perfect combination of simple, cascading piano, strummed, refined acoustic guitar with a slice of electric guitar weight to take things into a higher musical plane and sumptuous vocal harmonies.

Like most seasonal songs, it is easy to get things wrong, to get overly schmaltzy and obvious. But Joseph James shows you exactly how you do such a song. If you can’t turn out a song on the subject that is at least half as good as this, perhaps it is best not to bother.


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