Love Fool – Matty Marz (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We’ve all been there. You randomly notice someone who seems to tick all the right boxes on the mental list for a perfect partner that you carry around in your head and the next thing you are smitten. And at that point you can do one of two things. Either you can act on your impulses or you can look on longingly doing nothing about it. Actually, there is a third option, the one that Matty Marz has taken…write a song about the situation.

The titular Love Fool mixes cool pop grooves with infectious clubland vibes, but more than that it plays around with some great dynamics. Within a consistence dance template we are given soaring vocal crescendos, drop out breathing spaces, understated shuffles and full on incendiary beats.

Got a Crush on You takes a slower, almost Prince-like, funky R&B approach, Pretty Boys is a wonderful mix of spoken word and slow-pop jam and Dirtbag is an impossible mix of rock and roll swagger and glam-pop proving that there is nothing on this EP that is predictable or, god forbid, boring.

It isn’t that easy to find something new to do in pop. Try too hard and you end up warping the whole thing beyond recognition, play it too safe and you find that you are just going over tried and tested musical ground. The art is to walk that very fine line and even when you manage to do that you might still find that Matty Marz has got their first!

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