I’m getting quite used to reviewing music whose first language is not my own. It’s quite a healthy thing to do as it gets you past the obvious and direct communication of the lyrics, something that a lot of music listeners, especially in pop circles never seem to be able to do, and makes you concentrate on the song as a more complete package.

The video obviously narrates the story of the events of 12th May 2016, seemingly a tribute to love and relationships, but I’m not one to get too engaged in what the song is trying to convey, I’m a big believer that music can be all things too all people and once it has been sent out into the world it is up to the individual to work out what it means to them, irrespective of the original message.

But if language is not universal, music certainly is and the blends of light pop accessibility, funky guitar chops and more mature, bluesy-rock structures come together perfectly to build something that is deft and delicately delivered, well thought out, infectious and worldly enough to have mass appeal. It will probably go over the heads of the younger pop-pickers, playing, as it does, with subtleties and smoother lines rather than the quick hit and sugar rush high that they revel in. Their loss! But for the rest of us, it’s a light and airy slice of pop-rock, driving a heartfelt message…how can you not like that?


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