Call of Dreams – Richard Dobeson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Anticipation is a much under-appreciated tool in the composers bag of sonic tricks but Call of Dreams is built almost exclusively on just such an energy. From the first, soft and oozing electronic washes it is a track which causes the listener to be constantly waiting for the big sonic jump, the musical pay-off. And such rewards do come, frequently and brilliantly, but they always leave you realising that this is a plateau rather than a peak and so the anticipation in the listener lingers.

It is a gorgeous song, not to mention a clever one, growing out of waves and washes of sound, occasionally crashing forward, more often gently flowing towards its destination, adding beat and buoyancy, understated drama and subtle drive, as it moves forward. And even when the most deft and delicate textures are being applied, when the weight of the song is being built up only through layers of gossamer sonics, it remains beguiling, hypnotic and wonderfully alluring as you anticipate that final musical pay-off.

They say that it is better to travel well than to arrive. Call of Dreams is the sound of travelling well, musically speaking. And the arrival? Well, you’ll just have to embark on the journey yourself and see where it takes you.Isn’ that the whole point?

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