When You’re Around – Moonray (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

So many musicians working in the broad electronic music field seem to be inspired by the sounds of the past, by those early post-punk pioneers, New Romantics, Blitz Kids and 80’s synth-pop warriors. That in itself is odd because those genre-benders were always looking to the future, were forward-thinking and futuristic in their outlook. Which is why it is so great to stumble across a pop-duo like Moonray just because they are the sonic opposite of everything that I have just described.

When You’re Around is built of pastel-pop vibes, it is wonderfully, and knowingly, twee when it chooses to be, it sparkles, shimmers, chimes and chirps. And then, just to ground it all perfectly, they run a guitar line through its perky-pop moves, the result sounding as if The Flaming Lips had decided to go mainstream and had been listening to too much K-Pop! And I mean that it the very best of ways because the results are just fantastic.

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Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/moonray/1456559373

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