We’re Still Here – Felton Pilate (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

When you listen to We’re Still Here, you are listening to a song which both reminds us of a golden age of harmony groups but also one which resounds with modern mainstream tastes. Great vocal harmonies never go out of fashion and it is to this strength that Felton Pilate has always played. Long time lead vocalist with ConFunkShun and also collaborator and co-writer with MC Hammer during that artist’s most bountiful period, it is his ability to mix incendiary pop with more mature, yet no less accessible sounds, that makes his work so popular.

Soulful vibes, funky grooves, pop perkiness and heavenly harmonies ooze effortlessly from this single and it is these blends of modern freshness and slick, old-school charm which guarantees mass appeal. Whether you enjoy the echo of the 60’s Motown groups, the more modern, slick funk-soul grooves or the cutting edge sonic polish, it is hard not to fall for We’re Still Here. 

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